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As a real estate professional, you've probably realized how hard it is to find significant resources...

It's not all about having the resources, but rather making sure they work for you, alongside your goals and mission. There is an abundance of information out there, having the right information, and a group of ambitious supporters waiting to help you implement, is what you need. 

In the RealEstateBoss club, you will work closely with Coburn and other experts, to put all your experience in action.
With The Membership, You Will Get:
  • Access to the Facebook group packed with all types of Real Estate Professionals such as: brokers, agents, investors, lenders, and developers! (This is the place to network, collaborate, meet, market, and even join forces!)
  •  Access to the Monthly-kits where experts share tips, mistakes, and lessons that made them successful. (Desktop + Mobile Friendly)
  • Access to (2) Group coaching sessions with Coburn, and other members that will help you set SMART goals and crush the shit out of them!
  •  Access to the Resource Vault that is continually updated with the latest knowledge of, how-to-do's, templates, content creators, marketing pro tips, documents, and much more!
Why you need this...
As an entrepreneur, soul proprietor (or whatever you call yourself), it is very easy to get behind without working in a 'group' setting.

It can be easy to loose motivation at times, without someone holding you accountable...

It is also very lonely... We call this syndrome, the 'Solopreneur' ("Solo-Entrepreneur": Who you don't want to be) 

RealEstateBoss was created for Real Estate Entrepreneurs/ Professionals, to come together in a remote, and physical setting.  

It is built to share ideas, concepts, hold accountability, and join forces.

While you are in this community, you will also have access to educational lessons, documents/ marketing resources, market updates, trends, and potentially capital!
  • Book Of The Month - Referred by an expert (every month)
  • Monthly Affirmations to set as Wallpaper on Desktop + Mobile (This is a power habit)
  • Free Access to Quarterly Networking Events (Normally $199 Per/ Event)
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"RealEstateBoss's are the kind that build empires, and don't wait for anyone".
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Our mission at RealEstateBoss, is to be the #1 community for Real Estate Investors, young, and seasoned. We have built our platform, courses, and community, to be the backbone of every investors success story. We welcome all investors to merge, giving accountability, purpose, and even joining forces.
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